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Septic Tank Services in Atlanta, GA

Doug Clack Septic Tank Services provides septic tank services for residential and commercial systems in Atlanta, GA. As a family-owned and locally operated business, we have highly trained septic professionals with more than 20 years experience in the field. From system abandonment to clogged drains, we quickly respond to any type of emergency!

Septic Services
Your septic system is complex, and neglecting a minor repair can result in unsanitary buildup or expensive damages. Our technicians are highly trained and on call to perform repairs for septic tanks, sewer lines and leach fields. Services include tank replacements, cleanings and complete system installations.

We provide inspections and maintenance that prevent:

 Waste From Surfacing and Contacting the Soil
 Clogged Drains
 Cracked Pipes
 Flooded Leach Fields              
 Strong Odors
 Debris (e.g., Tree Roots) From Infiltrating Your System
 Soil Saturation and Compaction       
Prevention and Treatment
Our team of technicians can advise you on all the ways to preserve your septic system and ensure its continued operation.
We'll educate you on proper precautions to take such as:
 Maintaining Correct Bacteria and Sludge Levels
 Relocating Trees Or Bushes That Can Damage 
   and Clog Pipes
 Promptly Fixing Plumbing Leaks
 Avoiding Grease Disposal
 Regularly Pumping Your Tank
Our mission is to provide efficient solutions that create a worry- and trouble-free septic system!
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Doug Clack Septic Tank Services in Atlanta, GA, for affordable and dependable services. We offer quick septic solutions
in Snellville, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Lithonia, Marietta, Covington, Conyers, Sandy Springs, Roswell and Decatur.