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About Us

Doug Clack Septic Tank Services is a family-owned and locally operated business in Atlanta, GA, specializing in a full range of septic tank services. In business for more than 10 years, we provide affordable sewer and wastewater services for residential and commercial properties. Our crews are septic system experts who are available for your sewer needs and emergencies.

Our technicians are prepared to perform:

 Minor and Major Tank Repairs
 Tank Overhauls and Installations
 Tank Pumping
 System Cleanings
 Waterline and Sewer Line Services
 Leach Field Services
 Plumbing Inspections
 Septic Maintenance


Septic Tank, Doug Clack Septic Tank Services in Atlanta, GA

Our mission to make sure that your septic system is running safely and properly. We work to prevent major
damages, unsanitary conditions and flooded drain fields. Our dedication to keeping our communities and the
environment clean and healthy is our top priority. Doug Clack Septic Tank Services is there for you when you need it most!